1. Imps vs. Nids diorama WIP part 6 - Finished build

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    Here I finally present the (almost) final look of the diorama of how it looked before priming. After these photos were taken there were some small detailing done like bullet wounds on the three gaunts shot by the marine (pic 6), some pinning, and some general gap filling.

    Something that’s not in this pic is all the rippers I plan to spread among the legs of the nids, mid-air gore splatter, grass, the flamer hose, details around the trench like empty lasgun clips, barbed wire, etc.

    I’ll refrain from writing anything more and simply let the picture speak for themselves. Next up painting!.


  2. A couple months ago I was invited to bring some minis over to Nottingham by the ‘Eavy Metal guys for a photo shoot for White Dwarf and Warhammer: Visions!

    In this week’s White Dwarf (issue 32) you’ll find the first of a handfull minis I brought with me when I flew over. First one out is the Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest I did a while back… if you missed it on the blog earlier you can check out the blog post here! And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled next month as I’m guessing there might be more stuff in issue 9 of Warhammer: Visions!


  3. Nagash - A speed-paint adventure!

    Sometimes it can be really hard to find the time for miniature painting. Even more so now since I’m expecting a baby at literally any moment (we passed the due-date like a week ago…) but Nagash was just too awesome not to slap some paint on!
    The fact that I might have to drop everything and rush to the hospital at any moment made me realize that I either had to act fast and finish it off asap or wait until after the baby was born and start the project when I’d have a little more time on my hands. That might have been the sensible thing to do, but I decided that I’d try to paint him as fast as I could to an acceptable table-top standard, and if I was lucky I’d have it finished before the baby was born.
    This way I got to both build and paint this new amazing model, but also challenge my speed-painting skills and see how far(fast) I could push myself!

    I wanted to try and paint him in a monochrome scale of bluish greens as if his cloak, armor and hat were all made of the same spectral material… With the bone and red as contrast colours I had my colour scheme, and immediately set to work!

    All in all I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, considering how big and detailed this kit is and how fast it went.
    I picked it up 3 days ago and only spent a couple hours every night painting this bad boy!

    Still no baby (at time of writing…) but at least that meant I managed to finish my speed-painted Nagash!
    It’s currently on display at Games Workshop Stockholm so make sure you swing by if you’re in the neighbourhood and check it out!

  4. Imps vs. Nids diorama WIP part 5 - Guards then tyranids

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    The first models fo be finished for the diorama were all the guards. These took a lot of tweaking and with some breaks they took me about a year to complete. As mentioned in earlier posts I did my best to make them really interact with each other and place them in groups. Like how one guard covers the paniced guard reloading his flamer, how the standard bearer inspired by the marine shouts to his comrade in the trench, and how the group to the right together falls over lika a collapsing wall. Though the ground ended up a bit flat I still did my best to get a pyramid composition of the guards as seen from the rear and also from the top with the marine in the front.

    Compared to the guards the tyranids were done in a heartbeat. I wanted a compact swarm, so I really just put them all together as tight as possible. Though I did some reposing to make sure no two gaunts were alike I pretty much built them out of the box. Note that the final diorama had a couple of more gaunts in it to fill out the corners of the base.

    Next post: finished diorama ready for priming!


  5. Imps vs. Nids diorama WIP part 4 - Ammo crates

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    When I modelled the lasgun clip for the reloading guard I quickly realized this was a cool detail to spread out on the ground of the trench. Since it took me hours to get one done I decided to make use of the 3D printer at the university.

    After the clips turned out great I wanted to get some more details made for the trench. I needed something the marine had stepped on as he had leapt out of the trench. Combined with the designs for the clips I went for some ammo boxes. These would also be perfect to display the weight of the marine as I imagined a metal crate like them would be squashed after being stepped on by a marine.

    With real life ammo boxes for reference I tried to design something possible to model out of aluminum sheets. After some testing I also came up with the idea for the “moulds” to fold the pieces around. This would ensure they turned out as similar as possible and also speed up the build process. In the end I didn’t find the space to place the boxes in several places of the trench, but at least they turned out as a perfect step for the marine and guards following him.

    How it all looked will be revealed in the following part of the series.


  6. Imps vs. Nids diorama WIP part 3 - Base

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    I had first used a block of blue styrofoam as a mockup for the base. As I closed into making the final base I kept the top of the styofoam but replaced the bottom with plywood. I then started by building the walls of the trench with aluminum sheets from food paste tubes and plastic rods. Before adding the sand ground I also added some slate to stick out of the ground to add some detail and make the hill top for the marine to stand on.

    Something I’d always wanted to do was a way to make a realistic sand base with footsteps on it. When I did bases in the past I never felt the models really connected with them. This was fine with army models but as I got to start working on the base for the diorama and I wanted to make it as realistic as possible I knew I had to work out a methos for this.

    I had of course seen several attempts throughout the years and my favourite bases had always been muddy bases. These almost always used some kind of mixture of filler and sand and though I wanted a dry earth base this was a good starting point. After some experimenting I got the best result from spreading a layer of filler on the base, sprinkling a really fine sand over it, gently pressing it into the filler, shaking off the excess sand, and then finally carefully detailing it. Mostly I used a cadian foot and going to town making footsteps so that it looked like people had been walking around back and forth. I also made the impression of every model where they would stand or lie down to integrate them properly with the ground. When the filler had dried I carefully removed any models and sealed the sand with thinned out black paint. This had to be done in patches as the filler only allowed for 10 minuted of detailing before turning to hard.

    Finally I sculpted the sandbags with GS. In places I sculpted them to have collapsed into the trench where the gaunt jumped the guard and kicked out where the marine charged into the nids.

    Everything was later basecoated together with the models and then airbrushed. Note that this is far from the finished base. It will be covered with grass tufts, burning grass, corpses, lasgun clips, blood, etc.

    "Lasgun clips? But they aren’t available seperately?" you may wonder. Check out the next part for more 3D goodness.


  7. Imps vs. Nids diorama WIP part 2 - Imperial forces

    Part 1

    When modelling the imperial models the faces were the first aspect I turned to. I searched far and wide to get ahold of every “scared” GW human face that I could find (there aren’t many). I found a few I could use but in some cases some modifying was still needed (like the paniced guard reloading his flamer).

    For the marine I wanted both a pose and expression of someone gathering every last aspect of his strength. As you can see above this turned out to be the face with most work put into it (a certain spartan king was a good reference for this). As I later built the base I made sure the head was in the absolute center of the diorama. It was so important to get right that I scratched the first head and made the improved version you see here. For the pose the general idea was to have him kick some serious ass. This was my chance to show my love of how powerful I imagine the Space Marines to be. Taking down six gaunts in one stride (stepping on one, striking two, and shooting three) seemed like a good way of conveying that. In line with my favourite motto "less is more" I chose not to decorate him like a veteran but rather keep him as an “ordinary” battle brother. This way it was rather the acts and pose of the marine rather than the detailing that made him awesome, which was something I tried to maintain throughout the entire diorama.

    As I continued with the guardsmen I simply built them one by one and used my 3D model as reference all the way. Halfway through I started building the base where I started putting them next to each other to see how tight I could get the models together and have them interact with each other. I really wanted the models to act as a group rather than individuals. If I couldn’t get that done properly a diorama of this size would only turn into an indistinguishable mess.

    How everything turned out I’ll show you in a few posts. Next post however will be about the base.


  8. Imps vs. Nids diorama WIP part 1 - Concept

    Many of you may have noted that since I joined this team of talented painters back in January I haven’t been the most frequent poster. This is not because I’m an inactive hobbyist but because a couple of years ago I started a project that turned into a massive undertaking. I’d finally like to introduce you to it.

    This was an idea I’ve had growing since a gaming convention in 2008 when something happened in a friend’s 40k game. His genestealers charged a group of cadians and I liked how they flowed over them like a wave. This was the seed that would eventually turn into the idea for a diorama.

    Some years later after finishing my Valhallan diorama I wanted to do something completely different. I was still in love with the idea to bring out the humanity from the imperial guard. But rather than the still scene in the trench I wanted an action scene. I wanted to show speed, movement, dynamic poses, and involve all the emotion an event like that brings out in humans. This was the perfect opportunity to bring out the “nids vs imps” idea.

    Though the concept had grown in my mind with several ideas for poses and situations in the trench it lacked a centerpiece. Something to stop it from becoming a long narrow trench with seperate scenes. But after painting a squad of Space Marines a year earlier it was obvious I needed to bring in one of the Emperor’s finest to the slaughter. It was perfect to have him as a beacon of hope in the middle of the desperation of facing the a tyranid swarm.

    After beginning converting the marine and a pair of guards I quickly realized I needed a proper layout for my plans. I knew I wanted a mass of tightly packed models on the smallest base possible. With so many models it was so complex that it was impossible to keep an idea in my head that transfered into something realisticly doable. So I turned to making a 3D mock-up. This was my reference during the almost two years it took me building the diorama.

    Right now I’m in the middle of painting the piece and through a series of posts I intend to take you through the process to the point I’m at today. Next up are pictures of the first guards built for the diorama.


  9. Braided Dwarf

    I picked this up from the Heroes and Villains stand at the World Model Expo in Stresa a couple weeks ago, I had seen some previews of the sculpt by Lucas Pina on the Spira Mirabilis facebook page and immediately knew I had to get one… I loved both the subject, style and actual sculpt. It also looked like the cast was great too, so when I saw that it was available at the expo it was one of the first things I bought!

    If you’ve been following Stockholm Warpaint over on our facebook page you might have seen this bust already… I posted an album with the finished bust against a dark grey background a couple weeks ago, and just now finally got around to sort out some decent pictures for the blog.

    This 1/12 scale little guy was a complete joy to paint and I actually took my time on this one and took proper pictures of every painting-step for a tutorial that is on it’s way! For the time being however here’s the finished bust! I’ve painted a couple slightly larger pieces recently and it’s been a lot of fun being able to add more detail than you normal would be able to when painting smaller stuff. The freehand pattern and texture on his shirt and belt are examples of this, as well as the aged skin with all the liver spots etc.. It took about 20 hours to finish this one (but that’s including all the extra time it took photographing all the steps and stuff…) 

    For more pics of this bust go find the “braided dwarf photo album” on our facebook page or check it out on coolminiornot here.


  10. I had the pleasure of running a two day painting masterclass in Edinburgh this weekend. I had a blast and hope that everyone who attended had as much fun as I did and hopefully got something out of it too! Big shout out to the GW Edinburgh guys for being awesome and setting this up!

    Here are just a couple quick iPhone pics from the Saturday where we covered some basic color theory, worked with glazes to build up subtle color variations in skin-tones and armor (and ended with an epic night at Wings) as well as the Sunday where we focused on some tips and tricks regarding true metallic metals and ended up with a (more or less) finished Chaos Nurgle Lord!

    We’re already looking at doing more classes here in Stockholm (and pretty much anywhere else we can make it work) so if you’re a group of people interested in setting something up or you have any questions drop us a PM over on our facebook page!

    If you attended the class in Edinburgh I’d love to get some feedback and hear what you thought, just drop a comment here or on facebook!


  11. Doctor Who – “Vincent and the doctor”

    The first non-GW model I’ve painted in basically forever, this little diorama was a present for my girlfriend a couple of years ago. She really likes Doctor Who. 

    I got the idea from this fantastic piece by Dave Soper, and from the lovely figures from Crooked Dice. The police box comes from Hasslefree

    I chose to base it around the episode “Vincent and the doctor” simply because of what the model of Amy (sorry, “May Killan”…) is wearing. I watched the episode a few times and took some screenshots to get the detail and colours as close as I could, and I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. 

    The newspaper was a fun detail. The episode takes place in 1890, where the doctor and Amy meet Vincent van Gogh in Arles, France.
    So I found a picture of a newspaper from 1890, which also happens to be a dutch paper – and van Gogh was dutch. 
    I just made it from green stuff and freehanded as well as I could. 

    Overall, a really fun piece to build and paint. And a good episode too. 


  12. Work continues on the Ogryn for GD…

    I wanted a more relaxed pose for this guy and decided to change the pose of the legs. I found the bits I wanted, figured out the angle to cut them in and filled the gaps with greenstuff to create the pose I was after.

    I wanted him standing with his left leg pointing forward carrying his weight as his right leg rests upon a (slightly higher) street curb. I posed the torso as if he’s turned around slightly to the left and added some folds to his tank-top to simulate they way it would stretch if it was tucked in to his pants.. and… yeah, that’s pretty much it!

    Keep checking back for more, I’m going to try and keep updates on this project fairly regular… next step is more work on the armor!


  13. Now that we know GDUK is officially happening, and the new Warhammer Fest event is announced with tickets available online and everything… it’s high time to start this years entry!
Some of you might remember this post from last year…http://stockholmwarpaint.com/post/56450098877/Well, that turned into this…http://stockholmwarpaint.com/post/66268463048/
So who knows what this will end up looking like! ;)Max
    High Res

    Now that we know GDUK is officially happening, and the new Warhammer Fest event is announced with tickets available online and everything… it’s high time to start this years entry!

    Some of you might remember this post from last year…
    Well, that turned into this…

    So who knows what this will end up looking like! ;)


  14. It looks like Max is about to grab is sword and shield, don his viking helmet and follow in his ancestors footsteps, traveling across the north sea from Stockholm to the UK for some good old fashion viking murder/pillaging… or maybe not.. He will however be running a painting class in Edinburgh on the 16-17th of August. Places are limited so make sure you book in advance and check out the GW Edinburgh facebook page for more info about the event!
Stockholm Warpaint
    High Res

    It looks like Max is about to grab is sword and shield, don his viking helmet and follow in his ancestors footsteps, traveling across the north sea from Stockholm to the UK for some good old fashion viking murder/pillaging… or maybe not.. He will however be running a painting class in Edinburgh on the 16-17th of August. Places are limited so make sure you book in advance and check out the GW Edinburgh facebook page for more info about the event!

    Stockholm Warpaint

  15. Sha’un – Ram Tribe Warrior

    Eyyo! here’s one of my latest pieces, Sha’un the Ram Tribe Warrior from Forged Monkey I’ve always really liked Bestmen in general and knew I had to get one of these as soon as I saw it! I’ve been painting a couple busts lately, more than I have in the past and I’m really enjoying the level of detail it allows you to paint the model in.

    Before getting out my paints and stuff I started off by going through the Liber Chaotica books from Games Workshop and let all the awesome sketches and artwork (mostly by Adrian Smith I do believe) really set the mood before I started painting.

    I figure that a ram would probably bash into his opponents during a fight using his head as a weapon alongside whatever blunt axe or mace or whatever he could get his hands on. (or maybe even block attacks with his horns!?) Either way I added more scratches and minor wounds to his face for that reason, mostly to the left side of his face where there’s already a sculpted wound over his mouth.

    I also decided to make him blind in one eye, the left side of his face looks more slack than the right and I pictured him being wounded by some magical weapon or spell, maybe ambushing a lonely wanderer traveling along an old overgrown forest path only to realize (after the left side of his face was engulfed in blue flames) it was indeed a powerful wizard out foraging for mystical herbs or something… I don’t know!? Either way I worked in a bit of purple on the left side of his face, by adding several thin glazes of Druchii Violet mixed with a bit of Khorne Red. I did this both to be able to add an extra color to make it a bit more interesting but also to hint that the past altercation that left him blind was no normal wound. The other eye is still working fine though and by the snarl plastered over that side of his face he doesn’t like what he’s seeing (whatever that is) :P

    I converted part of the necklace, swapping out the original pendant for a crude jagged rock that I painted to look like a piece of wyrdstone (for all you Mordheim fans out there) or just a pretty jewell (if you’re not in to Warhammer :P) The main reason behind this was that I, first of all, knew that I wanted to paint whatever was going to be hanging from the necklace in a saturated complementary color that would add that little something extra to the mini and break up what is otherwise a pretty monochrome color-scheme. I wanted something a little larger hanging from the necklace too so the spot-color really got a chance to do it’s job properly ;)

    It was really fun to paint, going in to detail working on the different leather textures, I found a lot of great reference photos of rams too and made sure the eye, horns and skin/fur looked right.

    The armor plates were also a lot of fun, I played around with the new Scale 75 metal colors a little bit (mostly for the final highlights) but it’s 95% Citadel metallics here, Leadbeclher, Mithril Silver and old Black and Brown Citadel Ink. I really tried to work on the metal, with these large surfaces it’s important to get some more contrast in there to make sure it doesn’t just look like big flat slabs of grey. Using nmm theory I shaded and highlighted every plate and then started weathering and adding rust with watered down Mournfang Brown and similar orangy-red browns.

    Super fun, and pretty quick to paint, I finished this just a couple days before Stresa and the World Model Expo. I think it turned out pretty ok, and since it was part of my display that won a Silver in Fantasy Master Painting I guess everyone else thinks so too! :P

    Fore more pics check it out on coolminiornot, or visit us on facebook!

    Thanks for taking the time to check this out, if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to post them! :)